Problem with Outlook 2003

Hey there,
i got problems with Outlook 2003, i’ve added outlook.exe in to trusted applications, but still comodo blocks outlook… I have KAV 7 (Also added avp.exe in to trusted applications) What is that? bug?
When i turn off Firewall security (Firewall security level > disabled). Outlook works, when i look comodo logs i see only System idle blocked, System idle blocked, i don’t see that outlook has been blocked…
Can someon help me?

Welcome to the forums, Tegen.

I have the same configuration as yours (Outlook 2003, KAV and CFP

Outlook 2003 is running with no issues on my system under Windows XP Pro SP2. This post may offer some clues for resolving your problem:

Doesn’t your Predefined Firewall Policy for email client have a block everything else as the last rule? If not, add it-Block/IP/in-out/any/any/any. What we need to find out is if something is being blocked by the ruleset. My ruleset looks like:

pop.jpg (7.81 KB, 447x79 - viewed 10 times.)

i did like he said… added in predefined firewall policies > E-mail client > Allow outgoing HTTP request (Allow/TCP or UDP/In-out/any/any/a set of ports/any)
and block and Log all the remaining requests (Block/IP/IN-out/any/any/any)
still doesn’t help…

My Predefined Firewall Policy for email client did NOT have a “Block All” rule (my rules for e-mail client have not been manually edited since installation).

However, I added that rule as you structured it, and it had no impact on Outlook 2003 on my system. I can open Outlook and send and receive mail as usual.

BTW, I could not view your .jpg attachment showing your ruleset. Can you try adding it again to your earlier post?

Mate, can u please explain me step by step what u did after u have installed comodo, so ur Outlook works well?

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I’ve never even touched any of the Predefined Firewall Policies until this morning, when I deliberately added your “Block All” rule to the bottom of the ruleset for my email client.

My default ruleset looks similar to yours; however, I can see a difference between yours and mine.

Try this:

  1. Delete your rule “Allow outgoing HTTP request”
  2. Delete your rule “Block and log all the remaining requests”
  3. ADD "Ask all the Remaining Requests: Ask / IP / In-Out / “Ask all the Remaining Requests” / Any / Any / Any [this rule should be at the bottom of your ruleset)
  4. Click Apply and OK, etc.

You may wish to make notes about your custom rules before deleting them in case my suggestion fails to work.

What the hell, i added outlook.exe in all possible ways and still firewall blocks it… I had no problem when i used outlook with outpost.

You might consider restarting from scratch by removing all iinstances of outlook.exe from your rules/trusted applications, and let CFP re-authenticate the application and its related files.

Short of uninstalling and reinstalling CFP, I don’t have any other recommendations at this time.

This issue is a mystery to me as well. Maybe someone else can chime in with ideas to resolve it.

I was having a problem receiving. Couldn’t get my mail at all unless I put the firewall i training mode. That was the only way I would receive my mail. Went back to training in safe mode and would continue to have the same problem. I went through everything that I could think of and finally found the problem. You have to go into the firewall network security policy and open up the global tab. Remove Block IP In/Out from if any and replace it with allow. My Outlook worked fine after that.

I hope this will help. I love the product but it makes you work!!! :SMLR

You may want to think twice about changing the global rule to" allow" as i think this will make the global rule defunct.

Is “outlook” set to email client in application monitor.

Have you tried going in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policies–highlighting “outlook” click edit and check use a predefined policy then highlight" Email client" then apply to all windows.