Problem with my premium account login


I have a premium rapidgator account, The problem is when ever i am restarting my system i am logged out of the said account and i am forced to re login to continue my downloads thro the download manager. while logging in to the said account i have checked the box to remember me, still i have the same proble.

Please suggest me a solution for my problem.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi Srinivas Jyotula,
I suspect this to be a cookie issue.

Under history in IceDragon’s privacy options, please make sure ‘remember history’ is set.
If you are using ‘custom history settings’ be certain cookies are allowed (Keep until they expire), also un-check ‘Always use private browsing mode’ and ‘Clear history when IceDragon closes’.

Hope that helps.

I have done that CAPTAIN.
Is there any addon available for more options in this regard.

Please guide me.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi Srinivas Jyotula,
I am not aware of any add-ons which would help.
Some add-ons are more likely to be blocking this function more so than helping IMO.
AFAIK once cookies are allowed, then it is up to the individual websites to how they utilize them.

Kind regards.

Thank You captain. As of now the cookie problem is sorted out after making the changes as instructed by you. Lets see what will happened next…

Thanks & Regards.

You are welcome, let us hope it continues to function correctly. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.


Same old problem… I am getting logged out of the website ( one i restarted my pc.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks & Regards.