Problem with my desktop wallpaper settings

I know that one of you smart computer people out there will be able to help me out on this little problem that doesn’t really cause any computer issues–it just irritates me. So here goes:

I like to change my wallpapers from time to time, and suddenly, when I go to the Control Panel, Desktop Background, I find a whole lot of my personal family pictures on the background list. How they got there, I don’t know. I never set them up as background wallpaper. And while I love my family members dearly, I don’t really want them up on my desktop all the time. There is no way to delete from the Display Properties window that I can see. I’ve tried right clicking, and all I get is a “What’s This?” Well, I know what that is, I just don’t want it on the list. Can someone give me some ideas on how to get them off the background list?


The images that appear in the BACKGROUND listing are whatever images are stored in your C:\WINDOWS folder. If you dont want them to appearthere, move the images to another folder.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You can do as panic say, search for them in windows folder.
You can also check if you find them in C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper

Thanks for the suggestions, panic and AOwl. After doing some more research, I found this bit of information

"You can use a personal picture as a background. All of your personal pictures located in My Pictures are listed by name in the Background list. "

So I guess that explains why my personal pictures are listed in the Desktop, Display Properties. Sorry for taking up your time with this. I guess I should have checked a little further before I posted. (But I still think XP doing that is dumb!)

They are not listed for me…
I can right click a thumbnail and click “use as desktop wallpaper”, but my images in “my pictures” are not in the background list…
They have never been… ???

They never were in my old laptop (Compaq), but the are in this new laptop (also Compaq) that I bought in June. Go figure!!

I’m glad that they are not in that list…
I have 6400 jpg’s there…
360 tif
8700 gif
400 psd
3300 png
6000 cr2

That would make a loooooong background list… :wink:

I agree, Windows XP is dumb! ;D

(AOwl, I ended up doing a complete format and reinstall at home because of that stupid Activation issue…)


Ok LM.
Hopefully it will take some time before you do the next reinstall… :wink: