Problem with JRE 7 Update 13

I formatted my laptop and installed the new Java Runtime Environmet 7 Update 13 and Ice Dragon and my browser is crashing. I cannot start it. It is the same problem as with an older post about Update 10 and the solution was a reg file. So, I edited it to fit my 32 bit of Windows 7, but it does not work anymore. So, what can I do in order to fix it?
Thanks a lot!

UPDATE: I don’t think this is JRE’s problem as I uninstalled it completely as well as its registry keys. The problem persists. The strange thing is that on a second PC with Windows 8 x64 with the same plugins and etc. CID is working just perfect!!


Please provide the following information:

  • Install location
  • Installed version (portable or non-portable)
  • User access rights

Also, post screenshots with any error messages you receive when running IceDragon.

Try starting IceDragon in safe mode.

Thank you.

  1. Install location: C:\Program Files\COMODO\IceDragon

  2. Installed version: Non-Portable

  3. User access rights: Administrator

The error message is have is the usual error message of windows “icedragon.exe has stopped working”

I installed Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 now and it is working perfectly, so I think it is IceDragon’s problem perhaps.

On Windows 8 Pro x64 and on Windows XP SP3 Pro x32, I don’t have any problems. Only on Windows 7 SP1 Starter Edition on my netbook.


Please create a log using DebugView.
To create a log file you have to download DebugView from this location: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn.
After launching DebugView please go to the “Capture” menu and select this option: “Capture Global Win32”.
Run DebugView before launching IceDragon.

Also try installing the previous version ( and tell us if the issue reproduces. I’ve uploaded it here:


I cannot understand what is going on with Ice Dragon I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled Ice Dragon and it works perfectly now!! I think that a registry key does the problem… Before installing Ice Dragon, I couldn’t start it because of a crash. Now and after the installation of Firefox, IceDragon is just OK!!
Thanks for your support!!