Problem with installing comodo killSwitch and cleaning essential

Hello, this is my first post on the forum here, and I need to ask for help… :-
when I want to install these 2 programs in my comodo: Comodo KillSwitch and Cleaning Essential and I have an error (Error 5 - Access Denied.)
my windows ver: 18362.476 (1903) 64 bit home
my comodo ver: IS PRO

  1. I have admin permis on my win acc
  2. I tried to install with UAC ON and without UAC etc
  3. I tried to install with all comodo modules OFF
  4. I reinstalled comodo again
  5. I dont use any other av/fw software etc
    I really have no idea how to fix it …
    I hope that I wrote in a correct section and did not posted another topic with the same problem

Please use the search feature of the forums as this was already reported and is now fixed in the latest CIS beta.

oh ok i didnt see that befor, im rly sry + thx for the link