Problem with HIPS

I just installed comodo antivirus about an hour ago. I went through the process of safe listing my items so “improve” performance. Then after that I tried to open up my web browser and everything froze. I noticed at least one topic that explained exactly this problem and everyone kept assuming it was his boot order or lag due to startup. I can say for sure this is not my case. This happened and no matter how long I wait it doesn’t come back, so it is not lag due to loading. I can also say this due to the problem was resolved when I restarted again and quickly opened up Comodo Antivirus and disabled HIPS on a hunch. I thought something to do with the application control system might be screwing it up, and sure enough as you can see I am able to open up my web browser and all other things that failed to open without a problem.

As for the cause of this I am hoping you guys can help me with that. I did notice that I get an error on my On Demand file scan saying the “safelist” cannot be loaded. And when I goto my HIPS settings and check out the Manage option to look at my allow/block list it is empty. I say again I DID run the safelist scan thing on the first bootup. So this list I assume should be populated.

I will also note I tried opening up 2 different web browsers on different bootups among other programs. The computer runs fine and everything starts up at the start, it only freezes when I click on a shortcut to a .exe or the exe itself that they item freezes. The folder or place I click on this item also freezes. So if I try and launch from my quick bar my explorer.exe freezes while if I try and launch from Task manager “run task” task bar will freeze.

I am on Windows XP SP2 fully updated using Comodo firewall, Athlon X2 system with 3GB RAM. Any other information you need I can provide. At the moment my solution is to leave HIPS off, but I would like to get that back on for the protection.

It has been over a week since I posted this and not a single response. Did I miss some information that I was to provide or what? I need help this problem is still occurring and I love Comodo firewall and like what I have seen of the anti virus, but just need to get it to work. Please help me out here!


I’m a complete newbie, but had a similar problem.

Did you have any anti-virus program previously installed to your computer?

Yes I had a antivirus installed before this one. I was using AntiVir. It was fully uninstalledbefore I moved to this one.

Try manually uninstalling any residual components, including the registration entries (remember to back up first!)

Every time I uninstall i do manually check the folders for any left behind components. And I run a registry maintenance program that removes unused or outdated registry keys weekly. Both of these has been done and have had no effect on my problem.

Thanks though its good to finally at least be offered at least some help.