Problem with Geek Buddy Support

I connected to Geek Buddy for what I thought was a routine matter. I saw something in my event viewer that I wanted GB to take a look at. That was at 10:04:08 AM. Automated response said that someone would be right with me.
10:12:11 AM I asked if anyone was there?
10:12:31 AM We’ll be right with you…
10:13:28 AM The Tech answers (I won’t single him out by name, just call him “Tech”). That’s almost 10 minutes after I started the session.
10:14:33 AM I say “Hi tech” just to confirm chat connection. I know that I’m still talking to a computer at this point.
10:14:45 AM Tech says “I understand”. For what reason, I don’t know.
10:14:48 AM In order to proceed, I will have have to remotely connect…
10:14:54 AM Tech: Please click on yes
10:15:21 AM I tell tech to also look at the “Issue Tracker string for me, and then I click “Yes”.
10:20:42 AM Tech: says “Sure” (why it took him 5 minutes to even say that is beyond me”.
10:20:49 AM Tech: I have started running tools on your computer to improve the system performance. (He really hadn’t started yet but did so shortly thereafter . He ran the System File Checker command from an elevated command propmpt “sfc /scannow”.

OK, that takes time to run.

I believe that it stopped some time around 10:40
10:43:30 AM I tell the tech: “Tech, SFC finished” to inform him that I was aware that the SFC had finished and that he could now return to my session (as opposed to one of the many other sessions that he was simultaneously attending to).
10:50:00 AM No response from him, so I terminated the session.

Why did I terminate? Because I started at 10:04 AM and as of close to an hour later, I was no where with this technician. Whenever I have used GB in the past, it is always an hour plus event…regardless of the matter.

Don’t the tech’s realize that users actually have other things to do, especially during business hours? I am a busy CPA and at this time of year, I don’t have 5 minutes, let alone an hour to wait for the tech to decide when he is ready to continue a session. On the other hand, I had an issue and I was looking to immediately address it. My idea of addressing it is not to wait forever for a tech to return to a session. C’mon Comodo. Get customer centric.