Problem with Firefox

Anyone else have a problem with Verification Engine and Firefox showing only the first letter of a site in the Firefox title bar and on the Windows taskbar? For example, if I go to Google, the Firefox title bar says “G”. If I go to it says “M”. If I disable the Verification Engine add on they display as normal. I submitted a help ticket and provided additional information but no resolution, yet.

Yes and the same is true for Seamonkey

Two months later and no resolution. I got an initial email saying the would look into it and then nothing.

VE does not support Firefox fully yet.

Firefox support will come soon…


Oh, come on, it’s the same with the Comodo SafeSurf. I appreciate what you’re guys doing but supporting mainly IE isn’t that a bit contra productive ?

SafeSurf is a different thing all together. It’s not easy coding firefox support with a particular product. Especially when FF went from v2-v3, Then developers would need to review firefox 3 code. Patience please :slight_smile: guys are on it. :wink:


Hi Josh,

Can you clarify that please. Probably you mean FireFox v3?

Because it worked perfectly in Firefox until something got wrong with VE staring with version There are several old threads about it here.
Those requests are left unanswered, some threads were closed.
I have a Support Ticket pending & presumed dead forever… but that is different story.
VE worked fine with Firefox in the past.

My regards

Yep, I mean Firefox 3. Sorry…I am sure the developers will look into the issue.