Problem with Firefox (using web browser policy)

Some days ago, a friend gave me a link to a website he is designing, and it didn’t load… Yesterday, I tried it again, and firefox still had problems to connect to the site… I checked the firewall’s log, and found that CPF was blocking firefox’s attempt to open the site…

25-07-2008 23:53:29 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 4993 81

I am surprised to by seeing Firefox was using port 4993… I looked the previous attempts to load the site, and found the following:

25-07-2008 3:18:36 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 1563 81
25-07-2008 3:29:01 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 1833 81
25-07-2008 3:37:12 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 2039 81
25-07-2008 3:37:18 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 2044 81
25-07-2008 3:38:15 C:\Archivos de programa\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe Blocked 2068 81

I solved it by adding a rule to allow firefox any outgoing connection… since I suppose it won’t spy me. But, is there a better way to handle this problem? Maybe I should go to Firefox’s homesite and ask why is it using different ports to connect to that site…

By the way, I am using Firefox (I am still waiting one of my daily use addons to become FF3 compatible), and windows XP pro. CPF is ver

OK, the strange thing is that the website is on port 81 (it should be port 80). If you want, you can reverse it to “web browser” policy, and then edit a new outgoing rule to port 81. But I understand that you did any outgoing, and it should be fine.

It should be like this. In the end it shows you 81. Go to firefox policy (mark it) → click edit → click “copy from” → mark “… Security policies” and choose “web browser” → now click add and allow, TCP, out → in the destination tab choose A single port and write 81 → apply all the way out. I think it should be OK now.

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Try adding port 81 to the http ports in “my port sets”

Firewall/My port set/highlight http ports/Add/A new port/A single port(81)/Apply/Apply

Set it back to the web browser policy.


Ok, I will try those advices. But I am still puzzled with the outgoing port used by firefox… I thought it used port 80 for http and 443 for https, like the servers do… I have not studied networks yet…

It does use port 80 for websites and port 443 for secured connection. That’s why I said that it strange that your friend’s website is on port 81.

This is GRC`s take on it.GRC | Port Authority, for Internet Port 81  

I just saw it… it’s an alternative, ok, but I have never seen website that uses it.

Yes, but you can also use non-standard ports to avoid conflicts… let’s say, if you install IIS and Apache on the same computer (if you are an IT student, maybe you will need both). But what I think it is strange, are the ports used to gain access to internet… firefox tried to “cross the firewall” using ports 1563, 2039, 4993, among others…

It doesn’t matter wich ports he uses to gain access, it’s matter wich ports it connect to. 1563, 2039, 4994 etc. are random. Of course, correct me if I wrong.