Problem with filesystem filter driver...

Evening, all.

I’ve used Comodo’s CIS under Windows XP for some years. I moved to Linux back in early May, and have finally settled down with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, after experimenting with several other distros.

I was happy to run with just the built-in firewall, but I’ve come across quite a number of people who say that you DO need an on-demand virus scanner, at least for e-mails and attachments, of which I do get quite a lot.

So; I tried ClamTK, but wasn’t very impressed with it…especially the fact that the database doesn’t appear to have been updated for at least 18 months. I then thought of Comodo. I knew that they did a Linux version, having come across it in the past…and I was VERY satisfied with CIS, so I’ve installed CAVL.

What’s this ‘filesystem filter driver not loaded’ message that I’m getting? Having looked through some of the other posts on here, I see that other folk have queried this, too, and from what I can see, it looks like my kernel is simply too new!

From what I can read on the Download page, it says Ubuntu’s only supported as far as 12.04 (Precise Pangolin); although I know this is supported until 2017, I DON’T know whether the kernels are running parallel with the newer releases or not.

I was updated to the 3.13-0.34 kernel just 2 days ago, having been updated to the 3.13-0.33 kernel only 3 weeks prior to that…! Having started with the 3.13-0.30 kernel in May, that’s like, what, 4 kernel updates in just 3 months?

Am I right in my assumption? Apart from this, everything seems to work just fine.



Or rather CAVL is too old. :wink:

The original 12.04 is supported, but not the more recent versions of 12.04, such as the current 12.04.5, which has a newer kernel.

hi mike Walsh,

this is an already known thing. The packages of ClamTK in the Ubuntu-Repositories are OUTDATED! There are already new ones out:




Download these packages and install them.

I have COMODO and ClamTK running here. Works like a charm for me.

Ubuntuexpert :slight_smile: