Problem with file transfer via FTP


Having some problems with backing up via FTP.
The first time I tested it everything worked superbly with the file compressing and uploading correctly. I then accidently added a source file to the list which was way too big and was forced to cancel the file compression before it was done via task manager after normal methods weren’t working. After removing the overweight source file and trying again I find Comodo is now unable to upload zip files of any size to the server with it reaching the “uploading .zip” level then freezing. Unticking compression uploads the files with ease but I need the compression.

Anybody know how to solve this problem I have caused for myself?

Thank you

Hi ninjapanda

I am not sure what could have happened here. What results do you get when you try adjusting the compression either greater or less? I know big files have caused some problems but things should be working properly on the smaller files again. What happens if you delete that backup and create a new one with the same parameters?


Have you also removed the prior backup from the FTP destination?

Just in case it’s tied up with the current backup failing.

Just a thought.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve had a problem with using Total Commander for ftp to my website. The error message was “transfer aborted by software”.

Don’t know if it helps but I needed to go into TComm ftp > Edit and unclick Use passive mode for transfers (like a WWW browser). I know it sounds weird going by all the advice re using passive transfer but there it is.

Nothing to do with Comodo - used the same settings there. 8)


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