problem with encryption subsystem

i recently tried to encrypt my external hard drive and the program stopped responding.
after a restart of my computer i loaded up the encryption software and found that it wont find the drive i was in the process of encrypting.
at the bottom of the screen is an error message ‘there is a problem with encryption subsystem’
how can i fix this?

I have the same problem cause from this CDE software. Stop response during encrypting a 40GB partition, restart PC but the drive disappear on the software. every time i try to add encrypted partition, typed in the correct password and chosed the right encrypt method, but turn out the message as: there is a problem with encryption subsystem !!!?
can anybody help to rescue my data!!? Thanks a lot.

:cry: I am sorry to inform you that I believe you will have to Format and Reload you might try some data recovery programs they may be able to find your data but maybe not.

If you have a back-up you can format and restore.
This why it is important to keep your system backed-up. You never know when you might have a problem loading software, disk failure or problem with drive corruption. I think due to the nature of disk encryption software it is difficult, if not impossible to prevent this problem if there is an error during the encryption process.

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I am sorry for your problems.

PS: here is a thread;msg306636#msg306636 with instructions for recovering data from a previously encrypted data drive when encryption of the %system% drive fails but it does not sound like it is possible to recover the actual drive on which the encyption fail as it states that this drive will be currently formated as “raw” you can also wait to see if one the developers answers as they may be of more help.