problem with defense +


After my last reboot, I had a “no parking” symbol upon my Comodo harmlet, telling
me that Defense + “was not functioning properly”. He told me to run the diagnostics,
what I did, but after the message was still there.

I looked at Defense + View Defense + Events log, but did not notice anything special.
I finally decided to ask for a complete reboot for my PC, and the message did not come
up again.

I haven’t recently changed anything in my PC (Windows XP Pro, sp3, Avast), and use my
free Comodo firewall in a basic way (usually in Clean PC mode and Safe mode, that I may
sometime set to Disable when doing some program updates).

What can be the cause of the problem ? How it did the message come up and then diseapear
after the reboot ? Here is anything I can trace back ?

Thanks a lot for any aswer.

Not sure what it causes it. Please report when it happens again.

for the free have to link to the internet to get a code permenently.
as for your story,you should reboot the pc again,and make sure you do link the internet when you install comodo cis.
well, i do hope comodo people will assure this problem soon.

I often get the same problem after booting too. Instead of a reboot, I exit CIS to terminate it and restart it from the shortcut then close the window. That seems to fix the Defense+ problem. It must be some kind of timing issue that precipitates the problem.