Problem with connection.

When i just turned on my pc it sais i cant connect to internet. So i have to turn the firewall of and then connect and then put the firewall on again but after a while my internet is blocked again… Can annyone tell me what to do ?

Thanx for your help!



Hi Gertieboy.

Is it a specific application that cannot connect or all of your applications? Also have any of the default rules changed in Network Monitor?


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Take a look here Problems with acquiring or renewing the IP address

Thanx for your help but it doesnt work… after a while my connection is blocked by the firewall again :-\ I dont know what to to. ???

Please post a copy of your logs here (mask any private IP addresses). If enabling the ‘Allow All’ security setting (same as disabling CFP) restores net access it usually means there’s a problem with the network rules.

Have you tried to reboot your system? Sometimes it is necessary. :wink: