Problem with Comodo! Please help...

Hello. I’ve just registered in the Comodo forum and i’ve been using Comodo for some weeks now. It’s fantastic and fast :slight_smile: But i have a problem. When a try to watch a sport event on a flash player, i can’t do anything! I can’t click the pause button or make it fullscreen. The same happens with some youtube videos and some online games. The only player i can make fullscreen and click the pause button seems to be Veetle. All kind of help is appreciated!

Thanks and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Hello! When you say Comodo what product do you mean? Comodo browser (which one?)

Yep, i’m using Comodo Browser (Version

So you are using Comodo Dragon version Do you use any extensions? I noticed similar issues as well with Dragon. I’m not sure if Comodo staff are working on this issue already. Can the forum moderators please move this topic in the Comodo Dragon section so relevant Comodo staff can see this topic? Thank you.

No i don’t have/use any extensions as i’ve been using Comodo Dragon for some weeks now… Let’s hope there is a solution :-\

Hi and welcome Theo7g,
I imagine this problem to be caused by the current problem between Dragon and the Flash plugin.
The only reliable workaround for now is to use PepperFlash see here.

Let us hope the issue is resolved in the near future.
Kind regards.

Thanks for your help, but i didn’t understand. As for the Pepperflash, is it already on Dragon? Or i should download it? I have searched on Google and the results i found were on “how to disable Pepperflash”. I’m a bit confused… ???

Thanks for the info captainsticks.

That’s what crossed my mind as well last night with flash but I was not sure if it’s down to this issue. I don’t think that Pepperflash are still in the Comodo Dragon you need to extract it from the Google Chrome and put it into the Comodo Dragon I believe. Can someone please advise Theo7g on how to do it step by step? Thank you.

You are both welcome.
See the link in reply 5 of this topic for the instructions.
PepperFlash is not in Dragon, it is only available in Google Chrome.