Problem with Comodo or Problem with my task bar?

I am using Comodos basic firewall without the D+. I am also using Avast Home edition.

Basically I’m not sure if its not starting up or if it just not showing at the bottom in my bar.
It normally does but a couple times it hasn’t. Cfp.exe does still show it is a task manager even when its not showing in the bottom bar. When I click on the desktop icon though it comes up running.

I wanted to add that sometimes when I am using firefox or other applications they disappear form the task bar…

A while ago someone terminated the process explorer.exe from the the process list. Could this whats doing it? If so is there any way to fix it without doing a reformat to my computer?

Basically I’m not sure what the problem is. Is it Comodo? Is it my task bar? Is it both?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Which version of CPF are you using?

The simple answer may be re-installing CPF.

Please remember to remove any leftover Comodo Directories on your computer after you uninstall it. (Search your computer for anything named “Comodo” and delete it. Then remove temp files and any invalid registry entries. Reboot and then reinstall.