Problem with Comodo command widget

Hi guys,
I have 2 issues, perhaps inter-related. One is my Comodo is expired, and I am trying to renew it. When I right-click on the orange “Needs Attention” button of the Comodo widget, and go to the “open” item on the menu, nothing happens. This has actually been like this for a few months, but I was ignoring it. But now that I need to renew, I want to open it, supposing that this is the way to access the payment section. Also, I can’t access anything meaningful in the Comodo choices via the Windows start menu.

So, 2 questions:
How do I unblock the “open” dialog box, and
Is this the way to do a renewal? I’m really hoping I don’t need to reinstall Comodo on all the windows boxes in the house, and can do it with a fairly straight-forward method (like a key update or some such).

Other than this recent hiccup, I’m very satisfied with the product.


Hi guys,
Update. My son fixed it.
By: disconnecting internet (may or may not have been a factor in the solution); disabling all protections in the widget for 30 minutes (by right-clicking each item in the widget); then Comodo Widget came back with red “At Risk” notice. At this point, the “open” button was working again.

At this point, I was able to do a renewal of the key (the simple way I had hoped it would be).

Hope this helps the next guy.