problem with clipboard caching tools

I’m using free CIS 4.0.141842.828 (without AV) and having problems with every clipboard caching tool.

None of the tools I have checked (Clipomatic, ClipX,… ) work when started automatically after logon. Although they are declared as trusted applications and present in the list of my own safe files, they do not cache clipboard content. However, if I quit them and start them again manually, everything works as expected.

I suspect I’m doing something wrong or at least did not configure CIS correctly for this purpose, since I expect a lot of people would encounter such behavior, but did not find any related topic on the forums. Nevertheless, I’m sure CIS is causing this, because if I replace it with some other firewall it doesn’t happen anymore.

Any help to make this working would be really appreciated - this is the only issue I have with CIS as a happy and satisfied user. Thanks.

That sounds like it may be a problem with the Sandbox (although it shouldn’t be). Try disabling the Sandbox and then restart the computer. See if the problem continues.

Unfortunately this is not the case - I have checked. If this would be the root cause of the problem, then it also wouldn’t work if clipboard manager is started after cpf.exe. But in the second case, it works.

It seems I will somehow have to start clipboard manager after cpf.exe is up and running.