Problem with CIS

Can you at Comodo tell me why after downloading a known malicious file to test in CIS sandbox and after running the file I found 5 infestations on the computer with Malwarebytes? The computer was clean at the start of this test. The file was run in the sandbox as untrusted.

CIS AV did not detect this as malware

The file was;
File Vizualizacao_Fotos.scr received on 2010.03.31 22:33:11 (UTC)

CIMA Results

CIS Version4.0.138377.779
OS Windows 7

I still have a copy of the Vizualizacao_Fotos.scr file if needed.


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The sandbox currently incorporated in CIS is not yet bulletproof. Currently it will allow a program to drop files outside of the sandbox.

These files, however, are sandboxed if they try to run.

I have used other sandbox apps before and usually you don’t have this kind of issue. The untrusted file or app is run in the sandbox to keep it from infesting the rest of the PC if it turns out to be malicious. If malicious then it can be removed without any harm to the computer.


I believe that this is what they are aiming for (I hope) however it’s not quite there yet. Perhaps this is the reason the update to V4 hasn’t been pushed to the V3 users as of yet. Personally the Sandbox feature in V4 feels very much like a Beta to me.

Until the sandbox issue is solved I’d stick to using Sandboxie or Returnil.

I’ve got a copy of v3 & v4 and just reinstalled v3 back on this PC. v4 still seems to be a little to buggy.
I can run my malicious file test on the other computer with the VMWare. Tip; If your not very careful with Returnil it will cause blue screen events on Windows 7.