Problem with CIS on windows 7 seven [solved]


I installed only the firewall on Windows 7.
It says - The network firewall is not functioning properly!
Auto fix didn’t helps.

I attached the report.

Please, help! :slight_smile:

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Hello NO CARRIER(starcraft?) ;D ;), version 3.8 don’t officially support windows 7. But it should work anyway, if you installed it in “vista compatibly mode” and set the main files to vista compatibly as well…

If that’s not for you then I believe 3.9 can be installed in windows 7 without any compatibly mode.

Its a Release candidate however… (meaning that its the version prior to be released as a public update)… I can’t guarantee it to work unfortunately and I don’t think comodo officially has made any statements that CIS works with Win 7 yet even if compatibility seems to be something they work on.

Here are direct download links as well:

32-bit Setup:

Size: 69.5 MB (72,912,672 bytes)
MD5: cd60950fd993129ce62e9284061fc582
SHA1: 2015faef962cece4f84c68fb29585cceb87b2177

64-bit Setup:

Size: 72.2 MB (75,709,728 bytes)
MD5: 4c7c35eed5da26bab59ffda5ea15644d
SHA1: de2cf5b0be8973a43e272727cde44a40a7d70dfd

:-TU :-TU


I installed RC1 and it works fine.



NO CARRIER like modem disconnect string. Old school BBS nickname. :wink: