Problem with CCE found in CIS

When I scan the laptop with CCE it always finds about 215 files most of these are deeds and other title searches found in the Dropbox and old files for Qnext also found in the Dropbox and on the desktop, and one Toshiba file (brand of the laptop.

I changed delete to Ignore for the 2 Qnext files and the Toshiba file. Then tried to continue and delete the rest and every time after about 2-3 seconds I get a message “Comodo Internet Security Stopped Working” and Microsoft will notify me.
See attachment.

I think it is either the number of files to be deleted or changing those 2-3 files to Ignore that is causing this.

I did a Custom scan of the Dropbox folder on the desktop and it only saw the Qnext file, not the 213 other files, and it deleted it with no problems.

Running a full scan again the Toshiba file and the Qnext file on the desktop were again found and after changing them to Ignore I get the same Error message.

CAVs finds nothing, in the case of Qnext probably because I added it to the Ignore list.

Avira, Emsisoft Emergency Tool kit, Malwarebytes, SuperantiSpyware, and HitmanPro all do not find anything in the DropBox.

False Positives are probably why files are found in the DropBox but why does it crash when changing 2 files of 214 to Ignore ?


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