Problem with bittorent

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I know, that this problem has been resolving many times…but I’ve tried everything and I cannot get the green light in uTorrent or any other bittorent application :frowning:

Could anybody write me an instruction, step by step how should I configure Comodo and uTorrent?

I have to do a port forwarding to:

IP Address:
Port: 6128

I’ve got Comodo Firewall, NOD32 (I’ve added an exclusion to IMON) and Webroot SpySweeper.

Please,help me…I don’t know what I am doing wrong…configurations of my programs seem to be fine, but torrents don’t work ;/

Hi chazy. Welcome to the forum.

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I think the last link posted by pepoluan covers all of it. The only thing he might’ve missed is port-forwarding on the router if you have one (don’t ask me - I don’t know as I don’t have one).