Problem with Audiosoftware even after Uninstall

i have a strange problem:

I installed the Comodo Firewall some days ago and after installing it and rebooting, my audio software Emagic Logic 5.5 hangs while booting. Even after uninstalling the firewall with the uninstalling tutorial from this forum, the problem occured!
While booting it normally checks a key you need for the program. I don´t know which *.dll it adresses for this process but it worked without problems for more than one year.

So i guess, Comodo changed something in the Windows-folder or some dll´s aren´t loaded after installing Comodo…
Are there any known files, which will be changed/replaced? I read something that Comodo redirects “pointers” (??) to some dll´s?

I don´t know what to do, appreciate every tip! :slight_smile:


EDIT: It has to do with Comodo - have searched with google and found other users with the same problem which incidentally wrote that they´ve installed Comodo Firewall but they didn´t thought that it has to be the firewall…

Ok. I have a suspicion. Do you know how the prozess, wich want’s to connect itself with the net, of Emagic Logic is called? And try this: start Emagic Logic and after that, check the logview of comodo, if there was a dangerous activity. Post it please.