Problem viewing logs

I guess I’ll start here. as I don’t see this mentioned anywhere else.
I am running CIS (mainly for firewall and containment) version #, on a Win7Pro rig.

I just discovered today, when trying to look at my containment log to see what the parent process was…when I tried to ‘minimize’ the column sizes by moving my cursor to get the “<->” symbol, if I didn’t do something exactly right(!) the column would double (or more?) in width size!!
As I was trying to correct this, I don’t know what I did, but now it appears that the log view is a virtual 10’ wide, and it’s UNusable.
AND, it’s running as ssllooooowww as cold molasses.

I can’t find a way to restore the viewing parameters like they typically are! The only way I can look at this log now, is to export it, which is a PITA…because then I can’t change ANY sizes.
Arrggh. :cry:
Help PLEASE!;msg886310#msg886310

Thank you!
So this is a 2-year+ known problem…
I’ll try that work-around shown in the thread! :-TU