Problem uploading a file (Error), with an excessive amount of Data.[M2217]


i noticed a bug/problem with CIS/CF when i tried to upload one file to COMODO cloud.

when i tried to upload the file, and it took 3 min and 20 sec to get the
response: Failed()0x80004005) - unidentified Error

When CIS was done it have uploaded 115 MB of data from my PC.

File Size is: 7.8 MB
File Name: payday2_win32_release.exe
Download Link to the file.

I have also confirmed this on a secondary PC.

I have seen this occur on before on older versions of CIS to, but i thought it was a momentary problem with the servers, so i forgot all about it.

i installed CIS with english language but i have noticed that the word: unidentified Error was in Swedish forsome reason.

I can replicate and I have submitted this to the tracker. Thanks.


Please check with version do note that they were not able to reproduce and I couldn’t either after updating. Thanks.