Problem upgrading from old to new

So here I have a problem. I have many machines that problems are occurring, but going to handle one at a time. This machine:

Windows 10 64-bit Pro build 1511
Update to date with Microsoft updates
Latest Flash Player, Silverlight
Drivers up to date except 2: Realtek audio and Samsung NVME
Drives are C: Samsung 950 Pro 512GB (O/S and programs) along with D: Western Digital Black 1TB for data storage (My docs, my pics, etc.)
Board is Z170 Asus

Originally I had version which worked flawlessly. Clicked yes to the update and it got stuck at 45%. Left this for about 15 minutes and still at 45%. So killed it by clicking the “Stop”
Then came to forums and followed the uninstall procedure by using the removal tool. Rebooted after selecting 1 and 2 then selecting 9 to reboot. Once back used CCleaner which found a couple of items left behind. Downloaded the old version again and installed. No problems during install. Configured it like my old settings (I have one machine that has not been touched so I can copy those settings in to this one) and then I started having issues. Home network has a router that has a hard drive in it as a network drive. If I reboot and check the network all is well. But shortly like 5 minutes I can no longer access the network drive. Only if I shutoff the Firewall will it then find it.

So now I went ahead (against my better judgement) and said, sure update. So once again the update gets stuck. The update started at 4:36 and it is now 5:04 and still stuck

Question (going to leave this alone)
1 - Why is it stuck at this virtkiosk.exe?
2 - Without hosing the installation, how does one proceed at this stuck point?
3 - Will the update finally finish in more time? How much more?
4 - Is this related to a UEFI setting?

Why not just do the clean uninstall then install using the v10 standalone installer? Why go back to the older version just to do an update? Uninstall, reboot, use removal tool and make sure you right-click run as administrator, reboot when finished, install using one of the online standalone installer from the release topic.

The reason I did this was to see if the problem still existed after doing the uninstall using the tool. Also, on the Comodo website if you go straight to the Firewall the download installs version and that how it got back on my system. Also since people here have theirs set to auto update it kind of nullifies the answer.

The plagued problems of this new 10 version is just overall bad and I am trying to figure out why and what’s the answer because no upgrade program should do what it is doing. It is now 8:04 and it is still stuck as you see in the screenshot. The real question is why is this occurring especially when I have 37 machines doing something like this or just getting broke because of the upgrade.

I know the easy way out is to do what you mentioned, but read the forums and there are many having the same issue and I am just trying to help them once I can work this out with Comodo.

So why is this upgrade still running as in the screenshot on the system specs I mentioned?

Possibly caused by configuration.

What configuration? If this is the answer then answering this means Comodo knows which one so what needs fixing?

Not sure what to say on your correlation. I was only saying that something might be wrong with your configuration. Did you try default configuration?

OK, I went and just removed Comodo following the guide and using the tools. Installed the new version and it is fine so far. Still wonder why it did what it did

Hi swatbat2142,
In order to investigate, we will need log file that can be found in following format under system’s temp folder:



This can help us investigate problem further.
Please see if you could still find it from previous update instance.


Sorry umesh, when I used the tools to uninstall Comodo I then cleared out any left over folders and my habit of manually clearing out the temp folders; just a habit.