Problem update to CESM 3.1.714.59

Dear Sir or Madame,
we have CESM 3.0.6123.19 EP and want upgrade to 3.1.714.59.
We download and start the CESM_Setup_3.1.714.59_Full.exe
The Process run fine until “install database” then a rollback is starting.
I can’t find any logs for a deeper inspection…
I try it with “typical, custom and complete” allways with the same result.

How can i upgrade to the newest version?

Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully
Gerd Stange

Hi Gerd Stange,

The Log should be in %temp%\CESM_Setup\CESM Installer Log.txt.
Check for the error or reply and we can identify the cause.

I had this problem in an installation using an existing SQL server. Turned out the installer was choking on a inverted comma as in C:\Users\Fred\Fred’s whatever\

Shifting to LocalDb solved it and Geekbuddy got the data across OK. (Bug 1045).