Problem Update CAVL on Ubuntu 12.04

CAVL version 1.1.268025.1 i’ install without problem on ubuntu 12.04
configuration is good scan witjout problem also, but when i click update
BASE_END_USER_v17030.cav.z 148.67/MB update dont download full 148 MB just
only 40/MB sometime 50/MB and show me info cannot be updated and then show me please look your internet connection.

  • why this info show me when i have good internet connection without problem ?
    Please help, me !!! How to update Virus base without problem ? and can i’ download virus base manual
    and then self to replace in COMODO folder in ubuntu 12.04 please help…

Noone want to help about this problem ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Is forum live ? or no-active ??? ???

lol again i have popup msg from update this time is
Failed to update virus signature database.
Please check your internet connection and try again…

LOL I have fast internet why this happen ???
i have any base downloaded v17029 , v17031 , and any other before and after but only base v 17030 i cannt download please help