Problem uninstalling AntiSpam!

I cant uninstall this program, when I press the uninstall button in “Add/remove programs” it just starts the uninstall window and the progress bar goes half the way and it shuts down.

Any advice?

What version of windows are you using?
Service pack?

Where do you try to uninstall the Antispam from? Add/Remove or Comodo Antispam Menu?

This should not affect un-installtion but is Antispam closed out?
Is Antivirus turned off?



Too much loading in Systyem Tray?

1/ XP Pro
2/ 2
3/ Read my first post
4/Should not affect yes
5/Yes and No
6/ The rest have nothing to do with this.

I have the exact same problem with the Comodo Antivirus btw, will there ever be a solution to the uninstall problems?

Comodo HALLO!!!

Hopefully this helps you with your CAV uninstall issue anyway…