Problem since installing latest version of BoClean [Resolved]


Installation went ok and I assumed everything was working normally.

Problem is that I use Mailwasher and Pocomail(as my e-mail client). I was expecting an urgent e-mail that never arrived. I sent 3 test messages to myself. Both Mailwasher and Pocomail check for emails but report no emails are able to be received. I have used these programs since they were released. They worked correctly until I removed BoClean Ver 4.2.3 and installed Ver yesterday. Tried putting desktop shortcuts into program excluder. Still no luck.

Uninstalled BoClean, Mailwasher and Pocomail. Reinstalled BoClean and setup Outlook Express as my default program as a test. Mailwasher was not reinstalled. Now I get my e-mails but I detest Microsoft’s e-mail clients and want to continue using Mailwasher and Pocomail that have served me faithfully.

Your assistance/advice would be appreciated.


Antec TX1050B /1088amg case.
Antec 650 watt p/supply
Nvidia GForce 8800GTX 768mg video card
Asus Dual core Athlon 64X2 6000+
Asus motherboard M2N-SLI deluxe (on board sound activated)
Corsair 4gig (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)

Welcome to the forums.
I’m sorry but I’m struggling to following your “trouble shooting” conclusion that CBO was involved in your email outage.
If you start out with a known good, then change something in your configuration and have a problem, I’d suggest simply reversing the last step to see if it fixes the issue.
“Uninstall + uninstall + uninstall + reinstall + new install” seems convoluted relative to “uninstall”.
It could have very well been a miss configured or overloaded email server (temporary outage) issue.
Can you reinstall Mailwasher and see if it will pull your email?
If it does, then reinstall Pocomail and see if it works as well?

I am using Mailwasher along with Pocomail.
Latest version of CBO. Not much help regarding your problem but all three seem to be working here without any problems.


Long time Mailwasher fan here, I wouldn’t use “normal” email (external provider) with out it.
No Pocomail…

Thanks Luxor and ~cat~ for your assistance.
I have found the culprit. and am back using Mailwasher and Pocomail.

After some 8 hours installing/uninstalling combinations of security software it turns out that
when my isp(Bigpond) changed my billing cycle they also stuffed up my downloads to the extent of some 6gigs. Further more having been on cable for 6 years and using the above programs for much of that time, I have always used noels7 as my username. For some unknown reason which my isp is now investigating, my user name when setting up my accounts in Mailwasher and Pocomail has become my e-mail address.

My apologies to Kevin for thinking that BoClean upgrade could have been somehow related to my problem as it surfaced basically not long after the update. Having used BoClean for a couple of years I should have known better. I have never had any problem with BoClean in that time and basically I find it to be the least troublesome software I have ever had on my computers.

Again thanks for your assistance.



No worries, there are a lot of “moving parts” that make it all work, it’s too big for anybody to grasp it all. :slight_smile:
The best any of us can do is take our best guess and go from there.
The trick is to take the shortest route possible when trouble shooting.
Knowing the shortest route often comes with sleepless nights, gray hair, wrinkles and bad eyesight.
Look what it did to Kevin. ;D

It put ME on the A train to hell! :slight_smile:

Reminds me though why we always got plenty of sleep before putting out new versions … the “last one in is a rotten egg” syndrome … being blamed for everything from sunspots to acne! Heh. Glad you got it sorted, noels … I woulda NEVER thought of that angle and would still be self-flagelating.

Thanks Kevin.

Great to see you have retained your great sense of humor.

As usual BoClean working flawlessly on this computer.



Thanks for working it through to a solution and following up.
I’ll mark this as resolved and lock it up.
Thank you again noels7!