Problem sharing printer in XP pro


I cannot share printer between two XP pro. I can see the printer and print test page bot not print

Sincerely Hassebasse

Welcome to the forums (:WAV)

When you try to print a document, what happens? Error message from printer, just doesn’t work, what exactly?

When it fails to print, if you go to (in CFP) Activity/Logs, what entries do you have for that time? You might go there, right-click an entry and select “Clear all Logs” then try to print something, so that you know the entries are only related to that. Once you do that, you can right-click an entry, select “Export to HTML.” Save the file; reopen it. Highlight and Copy the entries, then Paste them into the textbox of your next post here.

That will show us if CFP is blocking something.