Problem SENDING Faxes to 866, 877, or 800 numbers

Why is it that Trustfax can send to some faxes and not others? In particiular, when I try to SEND a fax from Trustfax to an 866 fax number, the status remains at qued and the number of attempts maxs out. I am using a compatable file format. The error message is the receiving side does NOT answer; however when I send the same fax from a traditional fax machine, the fax goes through without an issue. Please advise.


clicking of the Max Attempts link will open a windows to explain the reason for the fax reaching it’s maximum attempts and not going through.
Trustfax allows calls to a toll-free number.
The toll-free number that you are faxing to may be restricted by the owner. the number may be setup to only accepts calls from certain area codes.
Contact trustfax at and they can troubleshoot the issue and determine if the toll-free that you are sending to is restricting incoming calls.