Problem rose after switching webhosting

Hello all,

We migrated from BlueHost to ResellerClub and our SSL certificate is not working properly so the result is security certificate warning landing page. How can I fix the issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.


I suspect your certificate was tied to your hosting provider and when that’s the case, your certificate will often be revoked as you’ve terminated your service with them. :cry: You would have to procure a new certificate either directly from Comodo or your new provider. At rough glance, ResellerClub does offer Comodo certificates!!! ;D

Thank you very much for your reply Sal! :-TU I was assuming the SSL cert. is domain based not IP based but it seems I was wrong. ??? I checked the certification with DigiCert SSL checker and the results confirms what you said. I’ll add a new cert to my website.

Certs are based on a domain, but they don’t live within the DNS infrastructure space… per se. (like an NS, TXT or another record type would)

I suspect your domain’s new IP hasn’t propagated across the globe and thus why the SSL checker is yielding a revoked certificate, which is still with BlueHost (Often takes up to 72h to fully propagate)

Now I’m kinda confused ??? Should I or not to buy a new cert?

I’m sorry that I confused you.

You should buy a new certificate because it sounds like your certificate was tied to your hosting provider’s service and since you’re not with them any longer, it’s been revoked and can’t be used. You’ll want to(or have your hosting provider procure one on your behalf) a new certificate from a Certification Authority, like Comodo.

I appreciate your help Sal :-TU