Problem Playing Video in Facebook

When I play videos in Facebook using Comodo Dragon, the vidz have about a half-second dropout about every five seconds.

Note that I also have Comodo Ice Dragon installed on this same machine, and the videos play fine using that browser.

I’m using CD Version The only extension installed in either browser is the Comodo Drag and Drop.

Of course, let me know if more info is needed to address this concern.

Thanks much,


Hi and welcome flashy714,
There have been some issues in recent times with Dragon and Adobe Flash.
Using ‘PepperFlash’ from Chrome solves these issues.

Kind regards.

Thanks for your response, Cap!

I’ve read a bunch of other posts on this subject…and:

  1. Downloaded pepflashplayer.dll and manifest.json and extracted them to my Dragon folder (here) C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon

  2. Restarted Dragon (and my computer).

  3. Disabled Adobe Flash Player in Dragon Plugins.

  4. When I try to play a Flash video within facebook, it still prompts me to install Adobe Flash.

The pepperflashplayer does not show as a plugin available in the plugins folder.
Is there something else I need to do to enable pepperflash in order to get it to work???

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Hi flashy714,
Sorry if the information was misleading, the two mentioned files need to stay in their own folder.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon\PepperFlash

Kind regards.

Edit note: To see both Flash plugins you have to expand the plugins details.

Thanks so much for BOTH of your responses.

I followed you instructions and my browser now works like a charm!

Thanks again,


You are welcome, good to hear that it is working correctly. :-TU

Kind regards.