Problem new application

I’ve installed new application GIZMO (like Skype) but I can’t login to the application. If i shut down CPF i can login.

I’ve answered yes to all the security pop ups and even made it a trusted application in the firewall settings.

Security level - Train with Safe Mode
Defense - Clean PC Mode

Hi woody100

I did some looking up on Gizmo and here is what I found for you:

For Gizmo to work effectively, the following should be opened up on your firewall:
* Incoming UDP port 5005 (RTCP - Real Time Control Protocol)
* Incoming UDP port 64064 (Gizmo default for SIP messaging)
* Incoming UDP port 5004 (Gizmo default for RTP traffic (the actual voice messages)
* Outgoing TCP port 7070 (SRS relay and Jabber protocol)
* All outgoing UDP ports above 1023</blockquote>

try this and let us know how it works