[PROBLEM] Media grabber and Google Maps


When media grabber is enabled I can’t work comfortable with google maps.
It propably tries to catch everything there taking lots of CPU and RAM (for example ~6 ghz on all cores and >2gb ram when I was using satellite view).


Hi wisla! Thank you for the feedback.

Can you please send us a print screen with your issue? Media grabber is not suppose to work on those sites. If you click on it while on google maps, does it give you a download option? If after you click it, the extension opens it’s contextual menu(containing “Options”, “Hide in …”) then this means that the extension is inactive on that respective website.

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

Yes,I see contextual menu and there is no “videos” to download.
Here is screen after moving satellite around Utah for few seconds only.
Only 2 tabs were open,no other windows.
There are huge lags and using google maps is very uncomfortable.