Problem loading Windows

After using the Comodo System Utility to clean my PC, Windows would not load when I restarted the PC. The error message was: load needed DLLs for kernel. I have not been able to do a Repair reinstallation of Windows XP Home Edition SP3 because the setup stops as it needs the Admistrator’s password. However, there was no password ever used and I dont know what password is now required to do the repair. I’d be most grateful for your kind help and guidance and advice to help resolve this unexpected problem. Thanks and kind regards.


Please tell us which version of COMODO System Utilities you have installed and which Security Software you are using. Also please give us more details about the actions you performed with COMODO System Utilities (which cleaning modules did you used, if you performed a duplicates clean or others).

Thank you for your support.

comodo is rubbish. Just about any other cleaner is much better and safer.

Not really helpful.

It seems that critical files were deleted. It’s quite impossible to do a regular recovery. A repair disk would be the most probable (and might be the only) solution at this point. Other than that, it’s a full reinstall. That’s what I think.

Ahummm Spainach… please check the dates… :o :wink:

oh ■■■■. sorry for that. XD I read September for some reason.