problem install on CentOS 5

I’m sorry to be sound like an idiot, but i follow the installation instruction on the web site. I downloaded the task-ztl and install it. CentOs-ZTL.repo was created as expected but when i run yum -y install ztl i got error regarding file not found and when i look at the url it see yumgroup.xml was added after ztl/1.0-centos/i586/

I appreciate any comment even though it makes me look stupid :slight_smile:

Thank you all



ZTL based on CentOs-4.4. You can install it on CentOs-4x.

You also can install ZTL iso (

So it can not be install on CentOS 5?

You can install ZTL on CentOs-5 manually:

  1. Download ZTL rpm package task-ztl from
  2. Install RPM package task-ztl:
    rpm -ihv task-ztl-1.0-1c4.i586.rpm
  3. Install perl-Net-SSLeay:
    yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay
  4. Download ZTL rpm package from
  5. Install RPM package ztl:
    rpm -ihv ztl-1.0-1c4.i586.rpm

I have just installed CentOS 5, since I saw the instructions in this thread, and have a problem:

it seems that the second file is no longer available. ?

If I can’t find another location for this file, I guess I’ll have to try the previous version, or Trustix, but since downloads are not spped of light, and the install takes more than 5 minutes, I’d rather not. :smiley:

Any help appreciated.

Hi, the iso already have CentOS and configured ZTL in it? What version of CentOS is in the iso? ???

Kindly help me, is CentOS as secured and stable as Trustix? Is it easy to manage and upgrade or patch? Thank you!