Problem - Firewall keeps closing

Yes, (R) , but I have a problem with the firewall. About every other day it will just close. I won’t get an error, so I usually don’t know if it closes. (:AGY) The only way I find out about it is when I mouse over all the tray icons, the Firewall icon disappears. :THNK

Anyone have an idea? :-La :-La ???


BTW, the Diagnostics on the firewall didn’t report anything wrong.

Hello, When this happens again do this;

Press CTRL ALT DEL on your keyboard go to proccesors and look for cmdagent.exe
If that is running all is well :slight_smile: cpf3.exe is just the GUI= General user interface.

Also check your logs; Comodo ->fire wall → events
Comodo → defense+ → events

Is anything being blocked? Post a screen shot if your unsure

I looked at the logs, no problem.

Ok, I’ll do what you suggested next time. Thanks.