Problem Event Name: BEX

My cousin was the first to notice this, that everytime she would upload images on her Facebook photo album, she would get this error message then if she choose Check online for a solution and close the program, CD will not close but instead she will refresh the open tab and will be able to upload images. It also happen when I tried uploading images.

COMODO Dragon 21.0
FLASH Plug-in and ActiveX: 11.3.300.268
JAVA version 7 Update 5
EXTENSIONS: Adblock Plus 1.2, TrafficLight 0.1.28, SpeedBit Video Downloader 2.0.7, Do Not Track Plus

Does the problem also happen when you disable the installed extensions?

Haven’t tried it yet but will do. Also I have the same Extensions before and do not encounter any problems.


Please create a dump file using Procdump and send it to us. You can get Procdump.exe from this location: ProcDump - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

Follow these steps to create the dump file:

  1. Run Dragon using the --single-process and --disable-extensions parameters.
  2. Reproduce the crash.
  3. Create the dump file using Procdump (procdump.exe -ma dragon.exe dragon.dmp) - this will create a dump file at the same location as the Procdump executable.

Thank you.