Problem Downloading Update


I am running the latest version of Comodo as far as I am aware and Comodo will not download the latest update that is there . . . it downloads part of the file and then stops . . . .

Comodo can update and download antivirus updates but the program update says this: -

Error: 0x80030201 - The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.

Can anyone help?



I have the same. I never had this problem before. Updating virus signatures - can’t find file message

Updating the virus signatures is not a problem it is the program update which is stopping and refusing to download past 10% as it is apparently a corrupt file.

I hope they fix this problem or tell us how to fix it.

No idea what is going on. . . . .

It seems that problem is solved - for me anyway.

Same here

I don’t know anymore…

But if this helps,

I am still on XP, but migrating, ( again ) soon to Win 7.1
Have “listened”, read many things and tried Linux, but decided to stay safe for now with what I know, mainly because I really do not have the time anymore to experiment with Linux and Win 10 with all it’s controversial issues. Win7.1 because of the support.

Today I tried to install and download CIS onto one of my machines, ( 2nd time ) and it just froze everything, the update speed was very very slow, and it slowed down the other computer on the same modem/network.
So all computers now have no anti-virus, no CIS firewall.
I cannot do much except uninstall and wait till COMODO team fixes it.
But my time is running out, I have work to do.



Lazlo could you start a separate topic about your problem with installing CIS. Could you try reinstalling CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.