Problem downloading BASES_END_USER_v19585.cav

I installed comodo_antivirus_installer_3264_29.exe on two computers running Windows 7 Ultimate. After installation, Comodo antivirus tried to scan but, of course, it first tried to download virus definition file.

On screen, it showed that the program was trying to download a file named something like “BASES_END_USER_v19585.cav”. On the right hand side of the file name, it showed file sizes “(0k/198MB)”. After about two minutes and 2 MB of download, download stopped. Download would automatically re-start but this time, the size of the file became 235 MB (same file name). After another two mintues, download stopped again. In a status window it said download completed but installation failed. If I restarted downloading, it’d start from 2 MB and failed in about two minutes again. I have tried it several times and downloaded about 7 MB. At that point, I gave up.

What’s the problem?