Problem connecting to PDA

I’m running a program called eWallet which is trying to sync data with my PDA. The PDA connection is working in all other respects but fails when I try to do this eWallet sync. The error message is:

Unable to establish communication with the device. Is your firewall blocking eWallet? (SocketConnection.cpp,119,18321)

I’m not sure how to interpret the message, but the sync works fine when I turn off the firewall. What do I need to do to Comodo to enable this sync to work?

try this topic:,4244.0.html

That topic is about ActiveSync. I don’t have a problem with ActiveSync which is working fine now (although I did have to spend time getting it sorted). My problem now is with eWallet sync which is entirely different and does not use ActiveSync. The error message I’m getting now is not related to ActiveSync.

What I think this error message means is that you need to create a network monitor rule as follows;

Action : ALLOW
Protocol : TCP
Direction : IN
Source IP : ANY
Dest. IP : ANY
Source Port : ANY
Dest. Ports: Choose “A set of ports” and enter these port numbers: 119, 18321 (separate the numbers with a comma only)

Make sure that this newly created rule is placed ABOVE to “catch-all” rule at the bottom of the list.

Let us know if this fixes the issue.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen that seems to fix the problem!

Just one query: Since I’ve now opened a couple of ports, does that cause a potential security problem in case a rogue application discovers them and starts to communicate through them?

If there is no application set to recieve data on a port and you dont have an network monitor rule set to allow inbound, unsolicited requests, then the firewall will not allow traffic through.

The rule we worked out allows traffic inbound on port 119, which is used for NNTP protocol - news and nothing but the news. The other port (18321) is software assignable and is only used when an application is running to recevie data on that port.

Long story short- you’re safe.

Ewen :slight_smile: