Problem: Comodo Firewall and smb


I can not connect my pc using smb and Comodo Firewall, but I can if i disable it.

Do you know how I have to configure Comodo Firewall to use smb without disabling the Comodo Firewall?

Sorry my bad english, please.

Greetings and thanks.

generally, for Windows file and print sharing to work effectively we will need communication over TCP on ports 139 and 445 and over UDP on ports 137 and 138. You can create Global Rules for devices on your network that allow inbound / outbound traffic to those port from any device having IP address w/in LAN.

OR you can creat a Trusted Zone having the IP address range of the LAN. You should then see the addition of two rules to the System Object in application rules and also to the top of Global rules. These rules should allow for complete communication both inbound and outbound for all devices that are within that Zone IP address scope.