problem after problem

No matter what I do I cant get my home network to access the other computers with comodo. I have followed every instruction and suggestion yet still… NOTHING! I come back to the forums again to give it another go, and I see the forums spammed with more and more problems all revolving configuration issues.

And Still there are no answers to my problem… The navigation to the different rules and such are hard to find if you ask me, user interface is confusing and un-intuitive. 3 months are having to go in a disable comodo firewall entirely to access my laptop is a complete joke.

Sorry to say, but I feel like I have wasted my money in a product that is NOT user friendly nor can I get specific answers to my problem

Bye for good

I see that you have one post… Can you please list exactly what your problem(s) are? And what your network looks like, operating system security setup etc… Paint us the picture :slight_smile:

As for finding rules etc…
Firewall → Advanced → My network security policy
Defense+ → Advanced → My computer security Policy

As for the appearance, Can you please tell us what you’d like? Add these to the wish list please.