[Probably] The Greatest Speech Ever Made

[Probably] The Greatest Speech Ever Made [youtube.com]


Albanian: - YouTube &
- YouTube
Amharic: - YouTube
Arabic: The greatest speech - translated in Arabic - YouTube
Bosnian/Serbian: - YouTube
Bulgarian: Великата реч на Великия диктатор - YouTube
Chinese: - YouTube
Croatian: - YouTube
Czech: Nejlepší proslov na světě (Chaplin) + CZ titulky - YouTube
Danish: - YouTube
Dutch: - YouTube
Estonian: The greatest speech ever made (Estonian subtitles) - YouTube
Filipino: - YouTube
Finnish: - YouTube
French: Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator - Final Speech - French/English Subtitles - YouTube
Georgian: Charlie Chaplin. დიქტატორი - YouTube
German: The Greatest Speech Ever Made - Der große Diktator - Die Abschlussrede - YouTube &
The Greatest Speech Ever Made with German Subtitles/ Deutsche Untertitel - YouTube &
The Greatest Speech Ever Made (deutsche Untertitel) - YouTube
Greek: Η Σπουδαιότερη Ομιλία που έγινε ποτέ_Charlie Chaplin (Greek Subs) - YouTube
Hebrew: הדיקטטור הגדול- נאום מתורגם - YouTube
Hindi: - YouTube
Hungarian: - YouTube
Italian: - YouTube
Japanese: チャップリンの史上ベストスピーチ - YouTube
Korean: - YouTube
Latvian: - YouTube
Macedonian: Најдобриот говор во историјата [The Great Dictator] - YouTube
Polish: Największa przemowa - YouTube
Portuguese: The greatest speech ever made (O melhor discurso de sempre) - YouTube &
O Grande Ditador (Discurso Final) - Legendado Pt-Br by Thicogouv - YouTube
Romanian: - YouTube
Russian: - YouTube
Slovenian: - YouTube
Spanish: - YouTube
Thai: The Greatest Speech Ever Made (Thai Subtitled) - YouTube
Turkish: - YouTube
Vietnamese: - YouTube

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