Probably bug? Need your comments.

Hello. There is information that antivirus Comodo Internet security version can be turned off with the usual “bat” file that contains special commands. It is not issued any warnings and alarms. For more information, you can get by viewing the video on YouTube at this link: - YouTube
Unfortunately this video is in russian.
Nick Lee

The user does NOT show any of the settings in CIS. For all we know the sandbox and HIPS can be disabled. There is nothing we can do without more details

Hello. I send you a “bat” file that can be used to disable and remove the CIS, without any warning. Just unzip and run it. Attention! CIS will be disabled and deleted without warning!
Nick Lee

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Unzipping the folder and executing the bat file when the sandbox is enabled, cause the bat file to be ran fully virutalized inside the sandbox and its actions contained within the sandbox. When ran without the sanbox, I get a HIPS alert for attempting to execute the bat file, upon allow execution I get another HIPS execution alert asking to allow the bat file to execute taskkill which I chose block for each attempt to execute taskkill. Then finally repeated HIPS alerts for the bat file attempting to modify a protected file/folder for each file inside the comodo installation directory.

No bypass of any kind and non of CIS processes where killed/disabled and the installation directory is still intact.

thank you very much for testing this.

thank you very much!