Probably a silly question

I installed IE9 Beta on my machine tonight (Vista 32 bit) and when I rebooted Windows explorer (not Internet explorer but Windows explorer without which there are no windows) no longer worked. Kept shutting down and restarting quickly and couldn’t open anything.

Was able to find a way to get Firefox opened and and download a couple of diagnostic tools from Microsoft and run them direct from FF’s download window.

One of them named Comodo Verification Engine as the problem and asked if I wanted to fix it. I answered yes and CVE was disabled. After that, everything worked fine, including IE9.

A couple fo questions:

  1. Has anyone reported this or similar problems with CVE? I’m assuming the compatibility issue, if that’s what it is, will be fixed soon and it’s really no big deal since I use Firefox almost exclusively anyway.

  2. What may be a silly question but I’m old and get to indulge my senility. After all this happened, the familiar and comforting Comodo icon no longer appears in my system tray. Everything shows OK in the Comodo Window and I checked task Manger and cfp.exe is still shown as a running process so I’m guessing I’m still protected but just on the one in a million chance that the program has been compromised and I’m not protected, I thought I’d come and make sure.

I’m just used to looking down there and seeing that white shield and knowing the protection is really there. Is there anyway I can force it show up in the tray again?

Thanks a lot.

What version of CIS are you running? V4.1 or v5? When running v5 did you update from 4.1 using the program updater?