Proactive security on windows 10 let me see only 1 core of my cpu

Hi everyone, I’m testing windows 10 and after installed CIS 8 (only firewall and hips, no antivirus) I’ve noticed a strange thing.
If I set Proactive security, when I run a software like hwmonitor or Speccy, in cpu section I can see only 1 core of my cpu. With windows 7 I’ve never noticed that.
This is strange because if I set firewall security or internet security those softwares works right, and I can see all the 4 cores of my cpu.
There must be an area covered only by proactive security thar cause me this problem. Anyone can tell me exactly what are those areas and how can I disable that in CIS options to test which one is causing me that problem?

Please check Bug 1543.

Hope it helps.

Thanks, it’s the same problem, but still unresolved…

This happens if you enable “Enhanced protection mode”

Not sure why Comodo does that. In my case on Core i7 5820 it makes it look like a single core CPU with 12 threads. Which is really funny and strange. I wonder if it actually affects performance since it presents CPU to other apps like this…

No performance loss issues, this is a read/display bug.

I don’t have enhanced protection mode on…it’s disabled, but however I have this issue.

Yes, but even if it’s so I would like CIS to resolve it…