Proactive Firewall Security

I was disinfecting my computer from some serious surveillance SpyWare last night, and I was asked by Comodo for permission to allow a remote computer to connect to my system while it was being scanned/disinfected. I didn’t know what to do - but wanted to get a screen cap of the message (to capture evidence of the IP address that it was coming from). But when I tried this, the message disappeared. MY 2 QUESTIONS ARE: 1) did Comodo automatically allow access by the remote computer by default? 2) Is there a way I can find out what this IP address was that was requesting access to my computer? (I have the exact date and time this happened) Can anybody help with this? Thankz.

I can answer 1 question Comodo is default deny so the pop up was denied.

Something should be listed under View Firewall Events in the Firewall tab if anything tried to connect to you. It logs when you are asked and if it was blocked.